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5 protective factors of preventing child abuse

prevention services

Prevent before it happens

BJWL Out-of-School-Time

The Beverly Jewel Wall Lovelace Out of School Time Program (BJWL) is a provider of out-of-school time services in Allegheny County, currently located in 7 public housing communities. Five days a week during the school year and during the summer months, we inspire learning, keep children safe and promote well-being through social and academic programming.

Children from Kindergarten-18 years old.
No referral required. No fee.

Phone: (412) 363-1702 EXT. 1905 Emailjmoore@familyresources.org

Hill District Family Center

We provide parent education and support, opportunities for family interactive groups and family goal planning, as well as child development through school-readiness activities. Programs are designed and led by Family Support Center members, providing a supportive environment of peers.

No referral required. No fee.

Phone: (412) 363-1702 EXT. 1999 Emaildglover@familyresources.org

Reach Out to Families

We focus on parent education, working with parents with children 0-18 to develop nurturing and attachment skills. We reduce parent-child conflict and family discord; help connect families to community resources, and offer tools for creating a safe space where the family can grow and build healthy relationships.

No referral required. No fee.

Phone: (412) 363-1702 PRESS 2

Intervention Services

Intervene when something happens

Family Unification Services 

We provide support and education for families who are at risk of separation, foster care placement, or adoption. We also provide services for families who have been separated and are working toward reunification and developing positive relationship patterns and skills.

Referral required from CYF Resource Coordinator or Casework Supervisor.

Phone: (412) 363-1702 EXT. 1119
Email: preed@familyresources.org

Parent-Teen Mediation

We offer free counseling to families with children 8-21 years old who are experiencing conflict, struggling to create or maintain a positive home environment, or having difficulty managing a child or teenager’s behavior. We focus on structure, communication, and relationship skill building to enhance family function.

Call or email for more information.

Phone: (412) 363 1702 PRESS 2
Email: preed@familyresources.org

Joint Planning Team

We support families with children 5-21 years old with a mental health diagnosis who are involved in multiple systems. Wraparound facilitators address the unique needs of the child and family to develop an individualized care plan. We work to enable the child to remain safely in their home and community with appropriate support and resources.

Call or email for more information.

Phone: (412) 363 1702 PRESS 2
Email: preed@familyresources.org

treatment services

Treat when healing is needed


We support social and emotional learning for children ages 3-5 years old. Here, children who have experienced trauma and need emotional and behavioral support can find the environment that they need to heal, build confidence and pave the way to be successfully enrolled in a traditional school setting.

Call or email for more information.

Phone: (412) 363 1702 PRESS 2
Email: preed@familyresources.org

Family Based
Mental Health

Through comprehensive therapeutic interventions and trauma-informed care, we support families of children who are at risk of child abuse and/or neglect or are affected by mental health issues. Our services are child-focused, family-centered, culturally sensitive, collaborative with other systems, and work to keep each child in the home.

Call or email for more information.

Phone: (412) 363 1702 PRESS 2
Email: preed@familyresources.org

Counseling Center

Healing can begin when we take the first step of change

We’re glad you’re considering Family Resources for your journey. The support of counselors has proven to be effective in the lives of individuals and families experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression.

The staff at the Counseling Center are trained professionals who use evidence-based approaches to best serve you. Although it can be difficult, every destination is reached by taking one step at a time.

Reach out to book an appointment: ccwilliams@familyresources.org

  • Is getting through the day an effort? Do you struggle to get out of bed?
  • Does your mind race with thoughts of everything you need to do?
  • Do you and your partner have the same arguments over and over?
  • Did you witness or lose someone close to you to violence?
  • Are one or more of your children hard to handle?

If so, consider reaching out. Help is available.

Director of treatment

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