Family Resources is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We prevent child abuse before it happens. We intervene when it does. We treat when healing is needed. The region’s leader in the fight against child abuse.

Mission + Vision

Trauma-Informed Culture

At Family Resources we ask “What Happened?” Not “What’s Wrong?”

Yes, everyone is traumatized. It does not happen to only some people. It’s not just survivors of abuse or violence or major disasters who experience trauma. Perhaps you witnessed a bad car accident on the way home from work. Possibly you or someone you care about experienced a sudden job loss or serious illness. Maybe an unexpected turn of events stirred up a painful memory?

Family Resources is a trauma-informed agency because we:

  • Realize the widespread impact of trauma and recognize paths for recovery
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in our clients, staff, collaborating partners and communities
  • Respond by fully integrating our knowledge about trauma into our policies, procedures, and practices

Oprah takes up the cause of trauma-informed care.
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Transparency + Trustworthiness

Peer Support

Our people

The team at Family Resources are leaders in their field who constantly seek and implement best practices and evidence-based approaches to compassionately serve families in need. More importantly, at the core of everything we do to end child abuse and treat trauma, is the value of leading and inspiring with love.

Aimee Lefevers-Kolick
Executive Director

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Director of Security


Brooke Generett Ware, LCSW
Director of Prevention Services


Cynthia Lockett, LSW
Director of Intervention Services


Christine McClellan
Director of Operations & Compliance


Brian Tessmer, MA, NCC, LPC
Director of Treatment Services


Robert Ware, MSL
Director of DEI


Lisa Costa
Development Manager



Family Resources is led by a diverse, visionary board of directors dedicated to the eradication of child abuse and improving the communities we serve.

Josh Cramer, President
Kate Booker, Vice President
Judy Hannon, Treasurer
Myra Powell, Secretary

Effie Alexander
Richard Bartley
Dennis Boyce
Vicki Clites
Angelique Drakeford
Jennifer Engel
Simone Freeman
Jeremy Gracik
Eric McClimans
Jacki Szymanski
Kathryn Vargas



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