FURiends (friends) of Family Resources

Introducing FURiends of Family Resources, our newest program in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and trauma! The human-animal connection builds resiliency, fosters healing, and so many more “paws-itive” effects!

Puppy News!

Mac Visits the Capitol

Aimee, Lisa and Mac went to the state capitol in Harrisburg to celebrate Family Resources collaboration with Prevent Child Abuse America PA.

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Meet Mac & Cheese

No Ordinary Pups!

Mac & Cheese have already begun specialized service dog training to become Facility Dogs. They will soon become experts in helping children & families build resiliency and support healing as they recover from abuse and trauma. With our Canine Intervention Specialists, Mac & Cheese will help to accomplish child & family goals and be of service to the community.


What Exactly Can Mac & Cheese Do?

Help our Clients

Mac & Cheese will enhance the impact of the services we provide with their safe and calming presence. Click Here to see our services.

Family Resources Services

Nina Wiebalk
Manager of FURiends


What Exactly Can Mac & Cheese Do?

Help the Community

Crisis Response—gun violence, domestic disturbances, losing a friend or loved one, natural disasters are all common and frequent events that take place in our schools, workplaces, and communities. Mac and Cheese and our Canine Intervention Specialists will deliver Mental Health First Aid during Crisis Response.

Courtroom Facilitation—Children are often called upon in court to testify to the emotional & physical abuse they witnessed or endured. Mac & Cheese can be there to bring comfort & safety.

Forensic Interviewing—When child abuse or maltreatment comes to the attention of law enforcement for investigation, children are often reluctant and scared to disclose these traumatic experiences. Mac & Cheese, along with our Mental Health Canine Specialists, can be there to build rapport and trust, and foster a warm, supportive environment for children.

Help Mac & Cheese Become trained Facility Dogs!

Mac & Cheese will complete 150 hours (about 6 and a half days) of specialized service dog training before they can start making the world a better place for our clients and the community. Please open your heart and donate to their care and training. Not only will you be supporting FURiends of Family Resources, but you will also get us one step closer to our vision…a world where every child lives free from the fear of abuse.

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Start Your Own Fundraiser

This is a great way to get the family involved in creating a world where every child lives free from the fear of abuse!

Would your Girl/Boy Scout Troop, church group, PTO/PTA, school, or local farmers market like to fundraise for FURiends of Family Resources? Contact us directly for guidance, resources and to ask if Mac & Cheese can attend your event!

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Pet Wash

A pet wash is a classic, reliable way to lather up some cash for FURiends of Family Resources. Gather supplies like pet-friendly soap, buckets, towels, and more. Then pick a date with a promising weather report and start advertising. We’ll be happy to make flyers for you to make sure folks know where their donation is going! The day of your pet wash, have more information about your fundraiser at the ready with a smartphone or tablet for easy mobile giving.

Strut Your Mutt

Everyone knows that a happy pet is a sleepy pet, worn out after a day of exercise. To get animals moving in your neighborhood, hold a pet walk-a-thon. Pick a time and place that will make it easy for people to join in. Ask people for donations to participate. Set up water and snack stations along the way for humans and their pets.

Homemade Barkery Sale

A homemade treat is a joy to humans and animals alike. Nowadays, there are many recipes for pet snacks you can make from scratch. Pick a few tasty recipes and when they’re ready, package them in cute bags to sell. Set up a booth in your neighborhood, work with a farmer’s market, school, or veterinarian’s office to find a time and place to sell your treats. We’ll help you create the flyers to advertise and make sure folks know they’ll be supporting FURiends of Family Resources.

Puppy-Friendly Happy Hour

Most people love dogs and beer, so why not combine the two in a pet-friendly yappy hour? Partner with a local brewery, bar, or eatery that’s willing to donate a portion of the proceeds to FURiends of Family Resources. You could even ask the business to offer a special, like Puppy Porter or Animal Ale.

Homemade Dog Toys

Play is essential for a dog’s happiness, and there are few better ways to get pups engaged than with their favorite toys. Make your own homemade dog toys to give in exchange for donations to FURiends of Family Resources. Old clothes and towels make great rope toys; tennis balls and fabric can transform into a fun tug toy; and plastic bottles can be made into an interactive feeder toy with a little elbow grease and some kibble.

Dog Kissing Booth

There’s nothing sweeter in the world than a smooch from a pooch, and what better way to brighten up the world than with a dog kissing booth? With a cardboard box, some art supplies, and a few friendly dogs, you can have your own dog kissing booth in no time. Check with local farmer markets, fairs, and sporting events to see if you can set up your booth to raise money for FURiends of Family Resources.

Pet Picture Day

For a pet picture day, you can ask a local photographer to donate their time and set up a “studio” at your shelter or organization. Then, invite pet owners to come and have their pets’ pictures taken! You can have props that can be used during the photoshoot and a snack station for animals and pet owners alike. To raise money, you can charge a fee for the pictures, but you can also sell packages of other merchandise with the pet pictures on them. Who wouldn’t love a t-shirt or a mug with their pet on the front? You can also combine this fundraiser with #1 and #6 to take a picture of your freshly groomed pet giving a smooch!


One of the best ways to help us is to share our work with your network!